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Creative-Critical Showcase

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This showcase provides a space for students from the third-year module Poetry Beyond Text: Image, Installation Performance (part of University of Kent School of English's curriculum) to share work from their final creative-critical projects. 

Contemporary poetry often invites us to think of poems as something more than just words printed on a page. During the module, students had the opportunity to examine a range of different poetic works that, in one way or another, go 'beyond text,' often intersecting with other art forms and media. So, for instance, among other things they explored the intersections between poetry and music in Linton Kwesi Johnson's Bass Culture; between poetry and theatre in Claudia Rankine's 'The Provenance of Beauty'; between poetry and performance in spoken word poetry; between poetry and sculpture, or artistic objects in our Library's Special Collections; between poetry and memory in Allen Fisher's Blood Bone Brain; and between poetry and film in a range of different texts. 

Students engaged with these texts, and the interdisciplinary practices that informed and created them, on both a critical and a creative level. In other words, during the module, they developed their ability to interact with, and respond, to texts both critically and imaginatively. Part of the module's assessment involved a research project that could be either critical, creative, or a hybrid of both approaches, that challenged the notion of poetry as 'poems.' Many of the students went on to develop their projects after the module had finished. 

It is with great pleasure that we present some of the work of these students here. Click on the links below to learn more about each project and see extracts from these exciting and innovative pieces of work. 

Please note, each of these projects explores thematic concerns of personal importance and relevance to each of their authors. As a consequence, the creative pieces often touch upon, or explore in depth, issues relating to mental health and trauma. Please be aware that there may be material or content within these projects that could potentially be triggering to some.   


2019 - 2020

Two-Headed String

by Ryan McDowell


by Sophie Colclough

Voices and Bodies

by Emily Rafferty

Finding Your Way Around Campus

by Morgan Rodway-Wing

Poetry of Play

by Kira Birch

2020 - 2021

The Four Stages of Heartbreak

by Christine Ubochi

Sleep Well

by Beatriz Barreto

The Home That Travels

by Hillis Vassilas

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