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The Four Stages of Heartbreak

by Christine Ubochi

Christine's project​ is a multimedia and spoken-word exploration of personal emotion and the confessional mode, using found and original footage, as well as telephonic and word-processing interfaces. It is by turns inventive, witty, vulnerable, reflective, empowered and empowering, delicately shifting between the registers of comical and horrifying. 

As Christine writes,

The Four Stages of Heartbreak is an experimental short film inspired by the five stages of grief: denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. I decided to explore the aftermath of a “situationship” I had on my year abroad through four of the five stages, drawing inspiration from myself and my friends.


Usually, I’ll go through something and move on, however, engaging in this module meant that I had to do the worst thing I could possibly imagine – be vulnerable. It was almost like I was reliving the experience again, as I found myself getting angry at things that had happened, wishing I had done this or said that instead. Through the art of reflection, I realised how much of myself I jeopardised in order to cater to someone else. Never again mate!

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