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by Beatriz Barreto


Beatriz's creative project is an experimental journey into the world of sleep. A mix of visual and sonic experiments, the pieces use distortion techniques--both visual and vocal--to explore the various depths of consciousness between waking and sleeping. Full of layers, echoes and repetitions, the audio pieces are both disturbing and hypnotic, while the visual pieces are made up of colourful digital textures and asemic writing that create somnolent, graphic (and semi-graphic) dreamscapes. 

In Beatriz's words,

Upon regaining consciousness and rationality, there comes a time of reflection on the night that passed, in what felt like 5 seconds and 5 years simultaneously. This project is a representation of my experiences and feelings from falling asleep to waking up. Each piece depicts a specific part of my sleep cycle which was achieved by interrupting my night at different times each day and then attempting to pour out some of the feelings present before the disruption. This was done by taking notes, sometimes scribbling or doodling or making audio recordings. Each night was also audio recorded from start to finish which makes up some layers of the audio pieces. It was a long process but each detail was crucial for how the final product came to be.


Holly Pester's Common Rest and the Verbi Visi Voco (eds. Bob Cobbing, Bill Griffiths, Jennifer Pike) extracts were the main inspirations for this project. I chose to take inspiration from pieces that I didn’t initially connect with because I wanted to learn to appreciate them and hoped to understand them better once I attempted to create as they did.


I hope these pieces took you on a journey, like they did with me, and you got some insight on what my night feels like. As you might guess, it is not usually a pleasant or calming experience. So, I will leave you to ponder on what you’ve experienced and go try to get some actual rest because I am EXHAUSTED!












Fight or flight

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