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Poetry Beyond Text: a multimedia poetic response

by Aitana Monzon Blasco

Aitana's creative project explores the multiple possibilities of what 'poetry beyond text' might mean: audio, visual and audio-visual. The extract exhibited here demonstrates some of the visual pieces of the project, including installatory documented performance, concrete poetry, collage and the purely visual. The project explores the possibilities of the textual surface; what it means to write on a medium; what it means for a body to carry or convey text; and how text and bodies intersect and overlap. 

In Aitana's words,

Poetry Beyond Text is a project that aims to explore the limits beyond the outer hieratic structure of conventional poetry by comparing it with the inner fluidity, rhythm and movement of its content. The work is made up by a total of 15 poems and a coda, compilated in a collage pamphlet. In addition to this, I have found it interesting to create some other formats which are a list of audios and poetry-films. By doing this, I wanted to blend together the more classical and traditional presentation of poetry with a more contemporary approach.


            The work is divided into three different sections: ‘Thoughts on Body Rhythm’, ‘Thoughts on the Construction of Beauty’ and ‘Thoughts on the Space Between Two Bodies’. Each one explores the immediacy of the poetic ideas, the subconscious response towards the contemplation of everyday objects, obsessions, phobias or forgotten aspects of society. In relation to this, I wanted to make a tribute to Henri Lefebvre’s Rhythmanalysis theory by studying the most banal but essential everyday life struggles. And I have found some rhythm inside these miseries, exploring their aesthetic boundaries, questioning the (de)construction of what we consider as to be ‘beautiful’, breaking the barrier beyond the verbal and the written composition of a poem…

Aitana -- cover.png
Aitana -- 7 -- waves.png
Aitana -- 2 -- body rhythm.png
Aitana -- 5 -- dialogue.png
Aitana -- 1 -- body terrorism.png
Aitana -- 6 -- space between two bodies.
Aitana -- 3 -- cobuilding.png
Aitana -- 4 -- rusty ticket memoir.png
aitana -- back cover .png
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