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Writing Minds Webzine

Issue 1

Content Note: Writing Minds webzine is a publication centred around, and focused on, themes of mental health. Please be aware when reading it that work included frequently touches upon and speaks about issues of mental distress, difficult emotions, personal trauma and/or subjective experiences of mental illness and/or neurodivergence.  

including work by @Saesenthessis_Telvanni, Sonia Arab, Steph James, @thepocketpoetess, Sarah Marie Graye, Hannah Ost, R S Kendle, Maisie Ryan-Wareham, Sophia Murray and Kiera Hayles. 

including work by Grayson Campbell, Aaron Lockhart, Robyn Steel, anonymous, Katnya Piper and Jas Warren.

Meet the Editors


Kylie Dunleavy


Kiera Hayles


Jas Warren

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Angela King

Louise Niffe
Rena Ward

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including work by Erin Manning, Thomas O'Donoghue and Kylie Dunleavy. 

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