Writing Minds Project

Join us as we experiment with creative prompts and writing exercises designed to explore the mind, the body, and the spaces around us.
We believe that writing and creativity are key for building confidence, maintaining well-being and finding opportunities for joy in the everyday. Take part with us as we explore the benefits and opportunities that creative writing offers for developing our engagements with our selves, our bodies, and the world around us!

Writing Prompts and Experiments

Join us in our creative writing adventures and be part of our creative world!

Our regular creative experiments are designed to engage us in new ways of thinking and reflecting. They aim to tap into new forms of inspiration drawn from the everyday and the world around us, as well as from within ourselves. You don't need Creative Writing experience to take part--you don't even have to be a student at Kent! All you need is a desire to get involved! 

We'll post a new prompt every few days, so check the site regularly for updates. Plus, we're always looking for new ways to interact and build our writing community, so keep a look out for zoom meet-ups, Creative Writing Reading Series videos and other updates!

How to join the community

*Please note, Writing Minds is a feedback-free project. While feedback and work-shopping of written material is a big part of what we do as part of a Creative Writing degree, Writing Minds is about exploring and sharing ideas and expression outside of classroom parameters.  

Why join the community?

Engaging the senses

Research has shown that engaging with our senses can have a grounding effect, helping us to feel more connected and calm. 

Creative Visualisation

Using our imagination helps us to disrupt negative thinking patterns and develop new neural pathways in the brain. 


Gratitude practices are scientifically proven to have multiple benefits for mental and physical well-being. 


Embodied writing practices enable us to reconnect with ourselves and our feelings, reconnecting sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. 

Finding Joy

Finding joy in the small, everyday things elevates mood and enhances well-being. 


Reflective writing enables us to develop self-awareness and reconnect with our core values.